16 Jul 2018

What is Brand Storytelling?

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StorytellingPray tell what is brand storytelling? We know telling stories goes back to the dawn of time. Stories have been used to frame cultures and shape societies. Stories provide context and meaning for life, work, relationships, and societal norms. So what is there use in a business context you may ask?

Brand storytelling can greatly enhance interest and engagement in you and your business. Your brand story is more than what you tell people. It is what they believe about you based on all the signals your brand sends out.

By example each one of these brands below consistently tells their story through their visual imaging and content messaging over several platforms and media.

How do they do this? They have built an awareness and relationship with you of their products and values.

Who does not know these brands and what they offer?

SamsungCoke World Wildlife Fund






Your brand story is more than what you tell people. It is what they believe about you based on all the signals your brand sends out.
We remember information far better when it’s in the form of story rather than as a list of facts. People tell stories, art tells stories, TV tells stories, ads tell stories…

Brand Storytelling involves several aspects namely:

  • How you care and add value
  • How your brand contributes and engages
  • How your brand solves problems
  • What you specifically do
  • Who you are

Here are 4 tips for telling your brand story:

1. Share your failures and successes

Companies that have been hit with issues e.g. Mc Donalds with public having changing food wants, needs and options. They have a compelling comeback story. They had to make swift and significant changes to streamline, simplify and align with public opinion. They learned that they cannot hide or be complacent and must be accountable to their employees and all their generational customers.

2. Use specific, meaningful ideas

A great example of this is GoPro Camera. This is a company and product that is such an integral and important part of our personal and business lives: visual marketing and storytelling.  Their slogan is “This is your life. Be the hero. Capture and share your world.”

3. Balance your online and inline activities

Ben & Jerry’s, economic and social missions assure that their central role that business in society is initiating innovative ways to improve the quality of life locally, nationally and internationally. This means creating linked prosperity for everyone that’s connected to their business: suppliers, employees, farmers, franchisees, customers, and community.

4. Use social media, email newsletters and website

In summary, brand storytelling educates, and ultimately inspires and will assist you to sell and build indispensable relationships and loyalty with your customers and community.

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