Content Strategy

Have you ever gone on a road trip without planning the dates, route, timing, fuel stops? I am sure you have not, so why is there no plan when we create content and publish on the Internet. This is the most crucial step in your online journey.

A content strategy often starts with an audit/analyses of existing content on your website, marketing and sales materials,  and other sources. The audit provides a gap analysis, which will reveal what is working and what is needed in the future.

Things to consider upfront is your:

  1. Target audience – WHO
  2. Business objectives – WHY
  3. Key messages – WHAT

Based on this the process is:

  • Creation
  • Publishing of content with key messages
  • Promotion of this content
  • Monitor and provide insights for continuous improvement

Content Strategy Process

Content Strategy Process

A recent survey revealed that the Challenge is to:

Produce Engaging Content 36%
Produce Enough Content 21%
Budget to Produce Content 20%
Lack of C-Level Buy-in 11%
Producing a Variety of Content 9%



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