07 Apr 2015

Content Strategy for Results

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I have been investigating creating rich web content as I feel this is critical for the success of your website, blog etc. It is one thing having content, but do you have content that attracts people to your site?. What does content do?, it tells stories by bringing your brands to life, it answers questions & answers, it should inspire `& entertain and in affect could build or break trust. When you bring valuable and timely information, people will seek out your site in the future and share the information with others.

1. Develop a Content Strategy

I have developed a number of websites and this is one area that not much time is spent on. Always start with a content strategy and this should be driven by your business objectives and target audiences’ needs. It should include the following:

  • Why you are going to publish content and where.
  • Benchmark for content-related decisions.
  • How to facilitate discussion and approval from key stakeholders.
  • When to engage content creators and reviewers.
  • Key themes and messages.
  • How page content informs site architecture.

2. 6 Best Practices for Content strategy

  • Draw attention to your content and enhance visitor experience – (how do you present your content?)
  • Leverage the power of video.
  • Include call to action – (tell people what you want them to do)
  • NB NB NB!!! – You need a good page design -( important content should be on top half of page that is where 80% of viewing time is spent).
  • Drive the conversation – provide timely content and ability for people to interact with you.
  • Start by listening – keep track of all conversations so you can react timeously.

3. Summing it up

This is a fairly easy step by step process:

  1. Create web pages that generate ROI and this begins by defining goals and objectives.
  2. Bring your  content to life with video, images and audio.
  3. Integrate your blog and social channels with your web pages & give visitors a way to offer feedback and conversation with you.
  4. Always include a call to action.
  5. Practice good page design so visitors can easily find what they are looking for.
  6. Listen to your social media conversations.

So go ahead and set up a content schedule/strategy for each month with topics that are in line with your business goals to ensure ROI.

.If you need any assistance with your content strategy, please feel free to contact me.

Till next month cheers. Any comments or suggestions regarding this and future articles are most welcome.

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