Content Audits

Content Audits

content audit involves taking a look at all the content on your website and assessing its relative strengths and weaknesses in order to prioritise your future marketing activities. It’s a qualitative assessment and evaluation based on the business objectives that you select beforehand.


This process can then be followed by a content inventory, which is an accounting of all these different assets. In other words, it’s a quantitative collection. Although a content inventory is part of the audit process, the audit itself goes much further in depth.



When performed correctly, a good audit will help you to answer questions about the content pieces on your site:

  • Which ones are performing best?
  • Which posts have overstayed their welcome?
  • What topics does your audience most connect with?

An audit will tell you where you need to focus your future efforts in terms of both an SEO (search engine optimisation) and content marketing perspective. And it can even give you insight into potential changes that will improve your lead generation, sales, and marketing processes.

Generally a content audit is best to implement at the beginning of each year.

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