Brand Storytelling

Brand Storytelling

Brand communication is more than just content, logo and a narrative. The brand story however, goes beyond your copy on your website, text in a brochure or presentation. Your brand story is not just what you tell clients it is also what they believe about your company based on the signals your brand sends.

What is Brand Storytelling?

Brand storytelling is not simply about differentiating yourself. It involves thinking beyond your products and services and strives to look at latest worldwide trends and unmet needs of your clients. Your story is the foundation of your brand and strategy for future growth. When your company is story-driven, its framework is that of purpose, vision and values that will inspire loyalty.

Here are some examples of brand storytelling success:

  • Mac users v. PC users.
  • Pepsi drinkers v. Coke drinkers.
  • McDonalds v. Burger King devotees.
  • iPhone v. Android smart phones.

Content 360 would love to create:

  • Your story-driven brand strategy
  • Memorable brand names, product names, book titles and taglines
  • A winning marketing strategy

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